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Here's an overview of our services and how we can help you hire the best team for your business.

Here's how Labor Express Plus helps our clients hire and retain staff more successfully:

Lower your staffing costs and gain access to an inventory of job-ready, qualified candidates.

Evaluating talent on-the-job before making a full-time hiring decision.

Direct Hire
Free up your time by using our skilled staffing professionals to create a recruiting plan and target the right candidates. You give us the details, and then we do all the work.

Managed Staffing
We assess your staffing requirements for a specific department or function and then make sure you have the people you need when you need them.

On-Site Staffing
If you're a high-volume staffing user, then this option is ideal for you. We'll provide you with on-site management and coordination of all your staffing requirements. Just give us a space to work in, and we'll do the rest.

Hospitality Staffing
We are experts at addressing the unique needs of the hospitality industry, we can save you time, money and stress by providing both full-time and flex staff for special events, hotels, resorts, spas, private clubs and caterers. 
We'll also help you plan for expansion, seasonal peaks, and pop-up business.

Eliminate the burdens of payroll. You to maintain control of recruiting and identifying candidates, while the hassles of payroll for those employees are handled by us.

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